Our Five Children’s Rights Issues

Slide11. Child Snatching, as Christopher Booker calls it in his weekly column in The Telegraph:

  • the forceful removal of children from their parents, often at birth;

Slide22. The Secrecy of UK Family Courts, as published in an online petition:

  • supposedly to protect the identity of the child – set up to legitimise the snatch;

Slide33. Forced Adoptions: the severance of ties with biological parents for life;

  • in the UK irreversible – due to a ‘flaw’ in the law in England and Wales, as expressed in the summary of this Council of Europe report: When is it ok to Remove a Child from its parents?
  • removal at birth is one of the practices referred to as ‘abusive’;

Slide44. Child Sexual Abuse

  • made ‘popular’ and ‘topical’ ever since Jimmy Savile and BBC’s non-reporting and active collusion;

Slide55. Satanic Ritual Abuse